• Wager

    Choose an arena starting from $0.10 / kill as high as $1.00 / kill.

  • Compete

    Get paired with other players at your skill-level.

  • Win

    Get paid for every kill, cash out anytime.


You'll get matched with like minded players that are willing to put their money
where their mouth is and put it all on the line.


How Gamebling Works

Users connect online using the STEAM API and are given the ability to turn their
skills into hard cash.

  • Deposit Funds

    Choose an arena starting from $0.10 / kill as high as $1.00 / kill.
  • Pick a Mode

    Choose your favorite game mode
  • Win Money

    Put your skills to work and earn money doing what you love!
  • Spend Your Earnings!

    Cash out your winnings directly to your Stripe account.

Performance Heatmaps

Performance Heatmaps and Visual Gaming Analytics: A Complete Guide

Welcome to Gamebling Beta

Gamebling Beta is a unique online platform that offers gamers around the world a chance to monetize their Counter-Strike gaming skills in an exhilarating way, merging competitive gaming with real cash rewards.

Understanding Heatmaps

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data that uses color coding to depict different values. It provides insights into user behavior on specific web pages or webpage templates, showing where users click, how far they scroll, or the results of eye-tracking tests. Heatmaps on Gamebling allow you to track user engagement, ensuring that important content is easily accessible and improving web page design and usability.

Benefits of Heatmaps

Heatmaps can give a comprehensive overview of user behavior and conversion rates, providing visual insights that are easier to analyze at a glance. Good heat mapping tools enable data segmentation and filtering, allowing analysts to understand how different types of users engage with a page. They can also identify areas of a page that are most engaging, visualize user interaction data, and troubleshoot usability issues.

Types of Heatmaps

  • Click Heatmaps
  • Scroll Heatmaps
  • Mouse Movement Heatmaps
  • Conversion Heatmaps

Considerations and Best Practices

Heatmaps require a large amount of data for accurate analysis, and it is crucial to be aware of their limitations. They show trends and behavior but cannot explain the reasons behind them. It's important not to draw conclusions from small amounts of data and to use dedicated tools for specific analyses, such as form analytics for understanding user interactions with forms.

Examples of Heatmaps

Heatmaps can reveal insights into user behavior, allowing for strategic adjustments and improvements in game design and business strategies. They provide a visual understanding of user engagement and can help identify popular elements on a page. For example, they can show which parts of a page are most engaging, or highlight areas where users are scrolling past important content.

Visual Gaming Analytics

Visual gaming analytics involve using quantitative measures and tools to track in-game events for statistical analysis. Platforms like Gamebling Beta offer valuable insights into player behaviors, preferences, and challenges within the game, allowing for enhanced strategies, skill improvement, and a more engaging gaming experience.

Heatmaps for Skill Analysis

Heatmaps for skill analysis provide a visual representation of user engagement, enabling gamers to understand their strengths and weaknesses and make data-informed decisions about their gameplay. They offer insights into performance across different game modes, helping players refine their strategies and optimize their playstyle based on spatial data.