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ELO Rating System - Resources

Elo-based Matchmaking

Player Skill Rating

ELO Rating System

History of ELO Rating System

At Gamebling, we're passionate about competitive gaming and ensuring fair play. A fundamental element in achieving this is our adoption of the ELO rating system. Originally developed by Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-American physics professor and chess enthusiast, the ELO rating system was designed to provide a numerical representation of a player's skill level in chess. Over the years, this system has become a global standard in not only chess but various competitive arenas, including our platform.


The core idea behind the ELO rating system is simple: it's a method to calculate the relative skill levels of players in competitor-versus-competitor games. At its heart, ELO is about predicting the outcome of a match - if a lower-rated player wins against a higher-rated one, the system transfers points from the higher to the lower-rated player, reflecting the unexpected outcome and thereby updating their skill levels appropriately.


Key Factors

ELO ratings are calculated based on a player's wins and losses, taking into account the skill level of their opponents. This means that gaining points against a highly rated player will yield more rating points than winning against a lower-rated player. Conversely, losing to a player with a significantly lower rating will result in a more considerable deduction of points.

Application in Chess

Chess was the first domain where the ELO rating system found its application. It revolutionized how players were ranked, moving away from subjective systems to a more objective, mathematical approach. This method allowed for a more fair and dynamic ranking of chess players globally, basing standings on performance rather than opinion.

Application in Other Sports

Given its success in chess, the ELO rating system has been adapted to rate players and teams in other sports, including football, basketball, and video games. These adaptations often modify the original formula to better suit the specific dynamics and scoring methods of different games but maintain the system's core principle of calculating skill levels based on competitive outcomes.

Variants and Adaptations

Incorporating an ELO rating system into Gamebling, we've tailored the original formula to fit the fast-paced, skill-centric environment of competitive gaming. Our adaptation considers the unique aspects of video games, such as Counter Strike, where teamwork, in-game strategy, and individual skill all play critical roles in determining outcomes.


  • Fair Matchmaking: Ensures players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels, enhancing the competitive experience.
  • Dynamic Skill Representation: Accurately reflects players' current skill levels, adapting as they improve or face challenges.
  • Objective Performance Measure: Provides a quantifiable measure of skill, enabling players to track their progress and set goals.


  • Limited Context: The system may not fully account for external factors affecting performance, such as team dynamics in team-based games.
  • Potential for Exploitation: In some settings, players might find ways to manipulate their rating through unfair practices.

Examples of Usage

On our platform, the ELO rating system is instrumental in matchmaking and tracking player progress. By assigning a dynamic ELO score that updates with each kill, death, and match outcome, we ensure that every player, regardless of their skill level, finds meaningful and competitive matches. This system is not just a backbone of fair play; it's a testament to our commitment to providing a competitive yet rewarding experience for gamers worldwide.

At Gamebling, we believe in the power of data to transform gaming into a more competitive and equitable endeavor. By leveraging the ELO rating system, we're able to create a gaming environment where skill is king, and every player has the opportunity to shine. This system is a cornerstone of our platform, ensuring that as we grow and evolve, we remain true to our core values of fairness, competition, and reward for skill.

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