• Wager

    Choose an arena starting from $0.10 / kill as high as $1.00 / kill.

  • Compete

    Get paired with other players at your skill-level.

  • Win

    Get paid for every kill, cash out anytime.


You'll get matched with like minded players that are willing to put their money
where their mouth is and put it all on the line.


How Gamebling Works

Users connect online using the STEAM API and are given the ability to turn their
skills into hard cash.

  • Deposit Funds

    Choose an arena starting from $0.10 / kill as high as $1.00 / kill.
  • Pick a Mode

    Choose your favorite game mode
  • Win Money

    Put your skills to work and earn money doing what you love!
  • Spend Your Earnings!

    Cash out your winnings directly to your Stripe account.

Skill Rewarding System - Resources

Skill Rewarding System

Skill Assessment and Performance Evaluation

At Gamebling, we redefine the way gamers approach skill assessment and performance evaluation. Our platform leverages cutting-edge technology, including integration with the STEAM API, providing real-time data analytics. From "Body Heat Maps" to "Map Heat Maps," players receive automated insights that guide them in refining their tactics and strategies. This unique assessment method ensures that every participant knows where they stand and identifies areas for improvement.

Feedback Mechanism and Incentive Structure

Feedback is integral to our platform. Through each match, players receive instant feedback on their performance, allowing them to adjust their strategies almost immediately. Coupled with our incentive structure where players earn real cash for their in-game kills, motivation levels remain high. The potential to earn more by enhancing skills creates a compelling reason for gamers to continuously seek improvement.

Talent Recognition and Progress Tracking

Recognition Program: At Gamebling, we believe in recognizing talent and rewarding it appropriately. Our ELO rating system ensures fair pairing and acknowledges each player's skill level, providing a clear progression path.

Progress Tracking: Players can track their progress through detailed analytics provided after each game. This not only helps in acknowledging their improvement over time but also in strategizing for future games.

Skill Development Through Gamification

Gamification plays a pivotal role in our skill development approach. Elements like earning achievement badges, leveling up, and participating in various gaming arenas provide a structured yet flexible framework for players to grow. These elements, along with skill-based rewards, ensure that advancement is both measurable and rewarding.

Motivation Techniques and Personalized Learning Experience

  • Learning Pathways: Our platform offers tailored suggestions for players to improve, turning gameplay into a personalized learning experience.
  • Motivation Techniques: From peer-to-peer recognition in our community to competency-based rewards, we employ diverse motivation techniques to keep players engaged.
  • Goal Setting: Players are encouraged to set their goals, whether it's mastering a specific skill or winning a certain amount of cash, which we support through our learning pathways and feedback mechanisms.

Competency Mapping and Skill Mastery

To ensure that our players are not just playing but also learning and improving, we focus on competency mapping and skill mastery. Our analytics tools are designed to map out competencies across different areas, guiding players on what to focus on next. This approach ensures that every game played is a step towards mastering specific skills necessary for success not only on our platform but in gaming overall.

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Gamebling is not just a platform for gaming; it's a community where continuous improvement is part of the culture. Our training programs and skill-building activities are aimed at not just bridging skill gaps but also at encouraging a mindset geared towards ongoing development. We understand that to remain competitive, one must keep evolving, and our platform is designed to support this philosophy fully.


In conclusion, at Gamebling, we are not just facilitating a platform where gamers can earn; we are creating an ecosystem where skill development is rewarded, talent is recognized, and continuous improvement is the norm. Our utilization of skill assessment tools, feedback mechanisms, and a robust incentive structure ensures that every member of our community has the opportunity to grow, compete fairly, and succeed. By focusing on personalized learning experiences and fostering a culture of skill mastery, we are redefining what it means to be a competitive gamer in today's digital world.

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